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The most exciting, high energy workouts



Join 3Cheers and our adult group fitness program this season! We offer local fitness classes that keep you MOVING and MOTIVATED in an intimate small group setting.  NO stress, NO judgement, NO pressure! Our workouts are diverse, fun & full of energy, you'll leave the studio feeling AMAZING!!!

What types of workouts are you interested in?

We love incorporating different styles and techniques! 


Here's what 3Cheers fitness classes offer you: (45 min of...)

  • Stretch/Warm-Up

  • Cardio (upbeat easy follow along dance movements)

  • Circuit Training

  • Sculpting

  • Interval Training

  • High Intensity & Low intensity exercises

  • Strength & Tone

  • Calorie burning workouts

  • Cool down

If you're looking for a weekly workout to hold you accountable in a stress-free environment then this class and program are perfect for you! "Bring a friend" and join us for a sweat this season. Interested in signing up for class? Respond to this email to get started! Classes are drop in based at $25 a session. If your student is enrolled in the 3Cheers school year rec program, you'll receive $5 off all fitness classes!


Join the 3Cheers Fitness community today!

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