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Jamie K.

I could not be happier with Ashley and the 3 Cheers program for my daughter.


Vanessa D.

My daughter absolutely LOVES her time at 3Cheers Pro Studio! She has so much fun and is learning valuable skills in both cheer and tumble. The teachers are dedicated to keeping the kids safe and motivated. She always runs in to class with a smile and comes out beaming at the end of class! She has learned so much!

Stephanie S.

My daughter loves her cheer class at 3Cheers Pro Studio! She has learned so much and greatly improved on her skills (jumps, tumbling, strength) since starting in the late fall - thanks to Miss Ashley! Miss Ashley makes each class super fun and exciting! My daughter can't wait to go back each week :)


Fotoula A.

3Cheers Pro Studio and Ms. Julia do an amazing job with my girls. They take the Hip Hop and Open Tumbling class which they absolutely love! We are so excited to see them showcased at the recital.

Esmerlin P.

My daughter loves going to dance class every week! She’s gained so much confidence and has blossomed greatly since attending! I love how care-free it feels especially for her age group (preschool). I highly recommend!

Jamie B.

My 4 yr old daughter loves Ms. Julia and her preschool dance/gymnastics class. Ms. Julia is so sweet and patient, and makes the class fun. I appreciate that the owners, Sam and Ashley, check in with parents regularly on student progress. My daughter's strength and gymnastics skills have grown so much this year, along with her confidence!

Emma Cleaning & Janitorial

We love being part of this family that grew little by little and today we are on our way to the competitions, which shows the effort and perseverance, of all those who make it possible for this academy to run its course!

Todd D.

Love 3 Cheers and Sam & Ash! We’ve been with them from the beginnings of their program. Our kids have done tumbling events and had the most fun. The instructors are so patient. I’ve done adult fitness and dance forever now with  Ash and have had tons of fun and even gotten better. Highly recommend! Everyone will have fun and improve their skills and confidence!

Kristen C.

3 Cheers is amazing! Miss Ashley makes my daughter feel right at home and have encouraged her to show her sassy side and shine! We recommend 3 Cheers to everyone looking to get their little one in dance, gymnastics and/or cheer.

Laura R.

3 Cheers is a place like no other. I was nervous when my 3 year old started expressing interest in cheer and dance. As a “retired” competitive dancer/cheerleader, I know that the cheer world can be challenging and tough to navigate. But, 3 Cheers is doing it all right. In addition to providing quality instruction to the littlest littles, they are promoting a sense of community, togetherness, and supportiveness among the classes in their facility.

My daughter is dealing with separation anxiety and I was overwhelmed as a parent to have experienced such kindness, respect, support, and genuine caring, not just from the staff, but from the other (older) students. A couple older girls saw my daughter struggling with this her first class and didn’t think twice to stop their own practice to help her.

3 cheers is a warm, inclusive, welcoming, positive, and above all, safe and accepting place for your child to learn cheer and dance. It is truly a diamond in the rough.

Adriana E.

My daughter has been with the 3Cheers family for only 1 year and she absolutely loves it. Her skills, technique, posture and attitude has changed immensely. The staff is awesome to say the least! I’m so pleased with this last year that not only will my daughter be returning but my other daughter will also be joining the 3Cheers family. We ❤️ 3Cheers 📣

Thank you clients for your positive feedback and continued support for 3Cheers Pro Studio! Much appreciated and look forward to providing excellent customer service to the local communities.

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